So thankful for NOSEGAY :*

by - March 11, 2015

So thankful to ur gift for me.
For ur  sacrifice to make it, ur time to spent just to make it,
I never felt this before, I’m honest
J   Only you that understand how about me .
I’m so speechless when you give it for me. So beautifull.. uwuwwwuu =D :*  I know that you make itu with ur love, thank you so much ..

I can’t talk anything to reveal what I felt last night. The feeling of happiness that make awkward..  hehee

Thanks for ur gift baby,
I can’t promise you a smooth life or days without scruggle. But I promise to be ur shelter from the storm. I can’t promise that we’ll never fight, coz I promise to work with you to resolve our conflicts
Maybe, I can’t to be with you at all times, coz I promise, my love will never let you feel lonely. I’m sure that
I’ll make that you’ll be proud of me and cherish my love for a lifetime

I love you so much baby
So beautiful this nosegay ... 

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